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The antinflammatory plaster - High solubility for effective tissue permeation - Unparalleled performances

Flector EP Tissugel is a unique pharmaceutical product coupling a salt of diclofenac (epolamine salt) with enhanced solubility with a high-tech plaster technology. Indeed, in order to penetrate the tissue layers separating the skin from the underlying target tissue, the drug must be able to solubilise in both acqueous and lipidic environments. The epolamine salt of diclofenac (IBSA patent), as compared to standard diclofenac and other NSAIDs, exerts enhanced solubility in both the compartments. In Flector EP tissugel diclofenac epolamine has been embedded into a polymeric gel matrix ensuring a gradual and sustained release of the drug.
The final result is an effective, safe and convenient local treatment of muscular and articular inflammatory conditions.