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Gry0 Bio System


The K-SYSTEMS Workstations are dedicated to IVF and the many ART techniques. The idea is to achieve the best possible environment for the gametes and embryos during the various procedures. This requires control of temperature and humidity in order to maintain correct pH-level.
The K-SYSTEMS Workstations offer the possibility to control these parameters and in addition assure that everything takes place in an aseptic environment, created by a laminar flow with a very low comfort noise level.

L400 - Series PDF Print E-mail
The L400 series accomdaties the needs of basic IVF procedures in a lean cost structure. Even though there are fewer optional features, it still guarantees performance and the renowened K-SYSTEMS® quality.
All workstations have a very low noise level comfort and an integrated warmed area in the table top based on a stable controlled temperature AluHeat System. Various heating patterns are available.
 The table top is prepared for one or two stereomicroscopes and light source bases. Most stereomicroscopes can be incorporated.
Additionally, all models have a stand alone gassing and humidification system - GH01 - making it possible to avoid large fluctuations in CO2 conditions.
Available in 3, 4 and 6 foots lenghts (90, 120 and 180 cm).
Two years warranty.
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The 200 Series are biological safety cabitents - protecting both the product and the operator.
For maximum protection of the operator against hazardous or potentially hazardous microorganisms, this microbiological safety cabinet is equipped with complete air velocity control system. Two HEPA-filters as well as recirculation of the air flow (70% recirculation - 30% Exhaust through HEPA-filter) guarantees the safety of operator while working at a BioSafety Cabinet.
K-SYSTEMS® BioSafety Cabinets are developed according to the standards of the EN12469 Directive.
As standard, all models have a constant temperature controlled table top based on the AluHeat System prepared for one or two stereomicroscopes and light bases. Addidtionally, all models have a stand alone gassing and humidification system.
The control panel is conveniently incorporated into the table plate and easy to reach. The table plate is developed to assure a correct work position and a very low noise level comfort ensure comfort for the operator.
The clas II workstation from K-SYSTEMS® has easy access for cleaning due to the convenient and accessible tray below the table plate.

Two year warranty.

L100 - Series PDF Print E-mail

The 100 Series workstations offers a variety of models and configurations to fit your workstation to your needs.