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IVF - Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

IVFonline carries a variety of laboratory equipment.

GPS Dishware PDF Print E-mail

GPS Dishware™ products are specifically designed, manufactured, tested and certified for IVF and other sensitive culture.
All GPS Dishware™ products have structured micro wells eliminating collapsing and mixing droplets with concave bottoms
for easier and faster cell location.

The GPS Dishware™ line provides specific innovative designed dishes to be used for specific procedures to increase safety,
improve culture performance, and reduce time of procedure. 

Aspiration Pumps PDF Print E-mail


 Pioneer IVF is a leader in the industry since 1986.
The Pioneer Pro-Pumps are the most reliable aspiration pumps used in IVF.
The Pioneer Pro-Pumps are the quietest pumps in the industry.
We offer the Pioneer Pro Pump with single or dual foot pedals and the TriVac Pump.
They are responsive, light weight, have steel housing, and are available in both 110V and 220V.



Coda Systems PDF Print E-mail

The Coda® System consists of the
Coda Tower®, Coda® Lo-Boy, Coda® Aero,
Coda® Incubator Unit, Coda® SP, Coda® Filters,
Coda® Inline® Filters and Coda® Xtra Inline® Filters.

Coda® improves air quality in your incubator and in your laboratory
and improves embryo and cell development and results.

Current research shows that indoor air environments can present
the greatest potential health risk as pollutant concentrations can be
8 to 10 times more toxic than outdoor air.