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1960  was the year in which Mr. Andreas Constantinides  laid the foundation of the Company. To his experience and business skills  were added new energies, and specific competencies which today make the Company highly motivated and sensitive to all signals and suggestions from the pharmaceutical market, where flow of information is one of the most important factors. 

Having confidence and devotion our  traditional values Andreas Constantinides   has become a reliable and consistent  partner  in the fields of pharmaceuticals and specialized  fertility medicines.

The biggest IVF centers in Cyprus, Greece, England, France, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and major other countries rely on our quality, cost effective medicines, media devices and IVF Lab equipment.

Taking advantage of our credibility, reputation, quality and success of our products, another company has been added,I NTERMED-PHARMA LTD, specialized in the supply of Pharmaceutical products - fertility medicines - to the Ukraine Market.
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